Titles and Attorneys

Handing Over of Keys

Why is it important to have the assistance of an experienced real estate attorney to help you with closing? Why should you choose a title company that is owned by a law firm for your closing? It is no secret that the Florida residential real estate market has seen some dramatic changes over the past several years.

Property values have skyrocketed—along with property taxes. Waterfront laws have changed. Property disputes and right-of-way laws are increasingly in the news. Buying and selling a home in Florida requires an experienced real estate agent, as well as an experienced real estate attorney and title company at your side.

At Broward Title, we want to help our customers have confidence in their decisions, so we offer a full range of title and closing services that are competitively priced with other title companies throughout southern Florida. We make sure that you have an attorney available at every step of the title search and closing process.

We can walk you through the process and help draft, edit, and review your title documents and contracts. We will fully explain the legal details, so you understand before you sign your name. We can also help you with contract dispute resolution before it becomes contract litigation.

For more information about the benefits of having an experienced real estate attorney available before, during, and after closing or to discuss the costs of our services, please contact Broward Title today to schedule an opportunity to discuss your needs.